Running from Distraction

Lieu : École Internationale de Genève

Intervenant : Ratey John

Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, Research Synthesizer, Speaker, and Author, as well a Clinical Psychiatrist maintaining a private practice in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He has lectured and published 60 peer reviewed articles on the topics of Aggression, Autism, ADHD, and other issues in neuropsychiatry. Dr. Ratey has authored A User¹s Guide to the Brain (2000) and co-authored  Shadow Syndromes(1997) with Catherine Johnson, PhD.    From 1994 to 2005  he co-authored Driven to Distraction (1994), Answers to Distraction  (1995) and Delivered from Distraction (2005) with Edward Hallowell, MD, all published by Pantheon/Random House.   Additionally, he has edited several books including The Neuropsychiatry of Personality Disorders (1994), published by Blackwell Scientific.

Langue : en

Pr. John Ratey. (Will last 60 minutes) Running from Distraction:Recognizing and coping with attention deficit disorder from childhood through Adulthood What does this mean for people dealing with AD/HD? "While most of us focus on exercise as a way to trim our waistlines, the better news is that routine physical activity firms up the brain -- making it a simple, alternative ADHD treatment. "Exercise turns on the attention system, the so-called executive functions — sequencing, working memory, prioritizing, inhibiting, and sustaining attention." "On a practical level, it causes kids to be less impulsive, which makes them more primed to learn.