An Inquiry into the Brain, Learning and Teaching Practice

Lieu : Ecole Moser

Intervenant : Greenleaf Robert

Robert Greenleaf was formerly a professional development specialist at the Education Alliance at Brown University. Having taught in all grades K-12, he has 20 years experience in public education ranging from superintendent of schools to assistant superintendent of schools, elementary school principal, teaching principal, teacher, and special education assistant. He served as adjunct professor at Thomas College in Maine. President of Greenleaf Learning, a human resource development company he founded in 1987, Bob specializes in educational strategies for understanding behaviors, building esteem and achievement, and brain-based learning. Bob is the author of 8 instructional books, the creator of two double-sided albums and publishes a bi-monthly newsletter. He is the 1991 recipient of the "Outstanding Educator Award" from the Waterville Public Schools in the state of Maine. Bob holds a doctorate in education from Vanderbilt University, a masters in educational administration from Southern Maine and a bachelor's degree from Nasson College in psychology.

Langue : en

Dr. Robert Greenleaf An Inquiry into the Brain, Learning and Teaching Practice: Strategies & Applications for Consideration. Can research from the field of neuroscience really inform educational practices? This workshop embraces the best of what neuro-studies have brought to bear on educational possibilities. It specifically targets the question: "How do I frame existing lessons/activities so that all learners become engaged in learning?" The goals are to engage all learners simultaneously; to cause learners to do the work (processing) of learning; and to create multiple connections with respect to the important ideas being taught. Multiple strategies overlapping brain research and educational best practices are explored for next day or next unit application.