Classroom education and Interactive Whiteboards: reflections on teachers and learners responses to a new technology.

Lieu : Institut Florimont

Intervenant : Mercer Neil

Neil Mercer is Professor of Education at the University of Cambridge, having previously been Professor of Language and Communications at the Open University where he was also Director of the Centre for Language and Communications and Director of the Centre for Research in Education and Educational Technology. A psychologist with a special interest in the role of language in the classroom and the development of children's thinking, he has worked closely with local authorities and teachers in schools. One of the main outcomes has been the teaching approach called Thinking Together, which has been shown to improve children's skills in communicating, learning and reasoning. His research has dealt with education at different levels, from primary school and secondary school to university education, distance education and work-based training. It has included studies of the use of educational technology, with some projects generating and testing new educational software. Neil Mercer has served as a consultant to British government education agencies, including the DfES, QCA, TTA and Becta, and the outcomes of the Thinking Together research programme have been incorporated into the National Strategies for primary and secondary education. He has been a member of the Research Grants Board of the Economic and Social Research Council, the Executive Committee of the European Association for Research in Learning and Instruction and the international conference organising committee for the International Society for Cultural and Activity Research. He has also been a Link Coordinator for the British Council's international Academic Exchange Programme and has contributed to the ESRC's Joint Research Capacities Building programme. His research has generated strong links with researchers outside the UK, especially in the Scandinavian countries, Holland, Mexico, Japan, Brazil, Spain, Switzerland, Australia and the USA. He has been a visiting professor at UNED, Mexico and other universities in Latin America, Kansai University in Japan and is currently working with researchers at the University of Utrecht. With colleague Professor Christine Howe, in 2007 he contributed the report Children's Social Development, Peer Interaction and Classroom Learning to The Cambridge Primary Review, a major review of British primary education and relevant research based at Cambridge and directed by Professor Robin Alexander. A former editor of the journal Learning and Instruction, he is currently editor of the International Journal of Educational Research . He is also a member of the editorial boards of Infancia y Aprendizaje, Language and Education and Reading Research Quarterly.

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En anglais mais PowerPoint en français accompagnant la conférence. Professor Neil Mercer Professor of education University of Cambridge. BSc (Hons) in Psychology, University of Manchester PhD in Psycholinguistics, University of Leicester Chartered Psychologist Classroom education and Interactive Whiteboards: reflections on teachers and learners responses to a new technology. Technology should serve the needs of effective teaching and learning, rather than determining how teaching and learning is carried out. I will use recent school-based research on the use of Interactive Whiteboards to discuss what they offer teachers and how they can be used to promote educationally effective dialogue in their classrooms.