Further ideas on using ICT to inspire

Lieu : École Internationale de Genève

Intervenant : Rylands Tim

Informatique et créativité.

Langue : en

Tim Rylands Tim, a Primary school teacher for over 20 years has always maintained that in order to gain experience you need to do it. In order to do it you need to want to do it! “Children need to be inspired if they are going to pick ideas up and start to juggle with them.” Tim has been described as an “extremely gifted and inspirational teacher, with a love of the creative potential of technology, who has an excellent rapport with his pupils. The approaches he uses are innovative and imaginative, in particular his use of games software.” Tim has received a vast amount of press coverage from around the world for his original use of ICT and has gained most notable recognition for using the games in the Myst series to inspire children’s creative confidence in many areas of the curriculum including creative writing, speaking and listening, music and art.